I enjoyed our time together on Friday. Thank you.

Here is a comment from me for your web site:

Hari comes from the heart and is an authentic medium/clairvoyant. With so many psychics out there, he stands out with his integrity, expertise and clarity. I gained understanding of my life from a card reading, flame message, shamanic drumming and channeling.

Cynthia Tierra – Sedona Healer and Reiki Master Teacher, Healing From The Heart Sedona AZ  October 2017

Dear Hari, 

Here's my testimonial for my reading: 

I had a reading with Hari that was nothing short of fabulous.  No matter what modality he used and he used several, the thread between them all spoke to me as he channeled the messages.  I felt affirmed, excited and optimistic for my present and future when it was over.  I highly recommend Hari for his expertise and gentleness.



September 2017

Hari is a gifted medium and trance channel. His work with his guide, Black Crow, is truly remarkable and can help people move through blocks to create more fulfilling lives. I highly recommend him. Ahna Briedenbaugh, Amazing Acupuncture, Sedona, AZ



I had family in town by complete surprise and in fact, it was the family that I needed to confront about my problems.  It went well. That was no accident I’m sure…your reading is a gift that keeps on giving. Many thanks again and I will see and recommend you in the very near future.

 Phil Cox, Sedona AZ